Happy New Year 2019!


Greetings in the name of the L-rd from Madrid!

The year 2018 is on the books. It was an intense year of ministry that included a lot of traveling, teaching, preaching, training, counseling, and partnering. It was a year of tears as we said “hasta luego” to dear friends as Rev. Gaspar Bustamante and Pastor Sissi Torres from Argentina, as they departed from this earthly existence to be with the L-rd. But also, it has been a time of joy as we welcomed people to be part of what the L-rd is doing here in Spain and Europe.

During the last 12 months, I dedicated special attention to our responsibilities as Director for the Experience Spain Study Abroad Program, as a team member of the Luke:10:Europe program, the developing the strategic partnership we have with the Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church, the expansion of congregations, supporting our Europe Area Director, and providing the initial help needed to our newest Spain’s National Leader. Ada has been dedicating special attention to her roles as Associate Pastor at Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana Luz y Vida and as a Administrator of the Logos Learning Center. Of course, along the way we have the blessing to provide training to pastors and congregations. Also, to provide pastoral guidance and relational evangelism to couples in their journey to get known the L-rd.

In addition to the travelings within Spain, I was able to travel to Germany, Greece, South Africa, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States providing training, expanding our network of ministerial partnerships, and learning more about migrant ministries and the refugees crisis here in Europe. On a personal level, we have established as well a strategic alliance with the ministry El Puente Hispano, under the leadership of Rev. José (Olin) & Nily Grau from Orlando, Florida. El Puente Hispano will continue using the Ada Michelle Hernández Missionary House as base of operations during the summer months as they do ministry in North Africa and the Middle East. Also, offerings toward our ministry would be channeled through El Puente Hispano as well. At the same time I was appointed as Vice President of the International Board of El Puente Hispano.

Regarding the Ada Michelle Hernández Missionary House, we were able to finish 85 percent of the remodeling project. We are eternally thankful to Ardis Van Boxtel Nelson for her leadership on this regard. She was an amazing blessing at the most challenging moments since our arrival to Spain. Because of her support and tenacity and the financial support from many of you we were able to replace the plumbing, re-wire the electricity, build a kitchen, paint the walls, and sand and paint the floors. There is not enough words of appreciation to Pastor Sandra Artreche, Rev. Victor Artreche, Dr. Carmelo Palmés, Pastor Carlos Gil Ríos, Antonio Carvalho, Rev. Josh and Susy Fajardo, Dr. Bob Tuttle, Rev. Olin & Nily Grau, Pastors Robert & Alexandra Carrasquillo, Rev. Ovidio de la Fuente, and Dr. Peter Clark, for their dedication and sacrifice at the most needed hour. The only two things we need to do in order to conclude the remodeling is the replacement of most of the windows and the total remodeling of the bathroom.

Meanwhile, the year 2019 has begun. In addition to my current responsibilities, today I begin to serve as well as the new Vice President of the Seminario Teológico de España Juan Wesley. Furthermore, our mission team will be working on the relocation and remodeling of facilities as we convert the Logos Center into the Rivas Light & Life Community Center, and some new faces will be joining us as short term missionaries. Please, pray for Ada and for me as we continue moving forward loving G-d, loving people, and making disciples. Many blessings and Happy New Year!

Partner With Us:

If you are not a partner in this ministry as we reach out Europe for Christ, we are asking you to consider to have as a New Year resolution to support this ministry for the next 24 months. There are to choices for you to do so. 

Free Methodist World Missions:

Your monthly contribution will be automatically deducted for the next 24 months. There is no minimum amount. You just need to go to:


…and fill the information needed in order to have a monthly deduction from your bank account. 

El Puente Hispano Internacional

Your monthly contribution need to be settled by the personnel from El Puente Hispano. You just need to contact via email Mrs. Nily Cruzado and she will be more than happy to help you. Her email is puentehispano@gmail.com. Nonetheless, you could mail your contribution to:

El Puente Hispano, Inc. 

Post Office Box 770338

Orlando, Florida 32877

The check should be made to Puente Hispano, Inc. and on the memo section write: José & Ada Hernández

THANK YOU for being part of this journey!

In Yeshua,

José & Ada Hernández 

The Voice of Sefarad – January 2019 – PDF

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