A Letter to All of Our Supporters

José & Ada 2018
Dear Family,
Greetings in the name of the L-rd from Madrid!
We want to once again, express our gratitude for your faithful giving and prayers on the last 22 months of ministry in Spain. All of you are part of something that is greater than all of us, led by the Holy Spirit as we reach out Europe for Christ.
Spain is part of what we call it the “40/70 Window.” I am sure you have heard of the 10/40 Window, but the 40/70 Window are the countries that are in a postmodern and post-Christian state. As you take a look at Europe, you will be finding out that 99 percent of its inhabitants does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Meaning that we have only one percent of believers in this continent and that is the reality of Spain today. In this part of the world there 800 million people (46 million in Spain alone), 4.5 million of refugees from Afghanistan, Irak, Libya, and Syria. Consequently, you have been part of an effort to launch a movement from Spain into the rest of Europe and North Africa. We thank you for that.
Currently, some of you have fulfilled your one year commitment and our electronic system is no longer withdrawing your monthly pledged amount. We thank you for your support on this critical early stage of this missional journey. At the same time, we invite you to continue being part of this ministry in Spain and Europe. Some of your monthly commitments are about to expire as well. We invite you as well to renew your support for another two years. Also, some of you that have a long term monthly commitment with this ministry have been experiencing issues with our system and the monthly bank withdraw that you normally have for your offerings has not being made. Hence, we are asking to all of you to verify in your bank statements if the monthly offering you have separated for this ministry has been transferred according to your wishes.
If you want to renew your pledge, increase the monthly amount, or re-install your monthly support, please visit the webpage: https://give.fmcusa.org/donation/df-vieshernandz.
Lastly, at this moment we are at the early stages on planning a visit to Florida during the month of November. We are planning to visit Dr. Bob and Dianne Tuttle and Bill & Judy Tillmann. If you want us to make a personal visit to your home during this time, please, let us know. If you want us to visit your congregation, please email Rev. Sandra Artreche at sandra.artreche@siemmens.com.
In His service,
José & Ada

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