Dr. Mauricio Nava from Greenville College and Rev. Josue Fajardo with us.

Erasmus of Rotterdam was one of the most influential scholars of the Renaissance Period. Today, most European university systems use his name as an acronym for a a program that provides a profound transcultural experience to students coming from all over the world to spend a semester of immersion into the language and culture of any particular country or countries. The EuRopean Community Action Sheme for the Mobility of University Students Program (E.R.A.S.M.U.S.) is a very popular program here in Spain and our organization here has been partnering with Greenville College from Greenville, Illinois bringing in students from the United States into Spain.

These students spent a semester getting immersed in the language as they take Spanish lessons four days a week at our Logos Learning Center. Moreover, they live with a Spaniard Christian family, learning the day to day way of life of the people that inhabit this country. Thirdly, they get connected with Spain’s culture, language, and way of life as they interact with the local people through different events, day to day conversations, visiting historic destinations, and becoming part of the local congregation Iglesia Comunidad Luz y Vida.

This semester we had three students from Greenville College and they spent time in Madrid, Segovia, the Escorial, Canary Islands, as well as visiting, Portugal, Morocco, England, France, and Germany. I had the privilege of doing a missiology presentation for them at the island of Lanzarote last month and spent time with them as they interviewed over 30 people with interesting questions about the Church that brought good and not so good answers or reactions.

As this semester concludes, Dr. Mauricio Nava who serves as a Associate Professor of Language and Culture and as well as the Coordinator for this program at Greenville College visited us this week. Rev. Josue Fajardo shared with me parts of the conversations through these meetings and Ada and I had the blessed opportunity of have lunch with him and expand in the conversations about the future plans for this program. Please, join us in prayer for this program, its development, the need of a nine passenger van for the transportation of future students. If you want to make a financial contribution toward the purchase of this vehicle, please, let us know. Many blessings!

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