Candidates for Ordained Ministry


As we begin to take responsibilities of ministry here in Spain, one of the most awesome privileges I have is to mentor and/or teach courses to seven candidates for ordained ministry. For over ten years Rev. Josue and Susy Fajardo has been working on the foundation of a ministry that is about to get to the next level. As I have mentioned before in previous columns, what started as a tiny congregation at the outskirts of Madrid is now a group of seven congregations. Four of these senior pastors are already ordained ministers, but we need to ordain also some individuals that are serving as Assistant Pastors and church planters.

Personally, I believe that the most important ordination comes from Heaven. If G-d has called someone to serve as a pastor that should be enough. However, in the same fashion, I believe that if G-d has called someone for ordained ministry, the local church or the denominational group that person is part of must affirm that call. We have biblical evidence that support this and a good example is found in Acts 13. Due to realities of ministry we must equip these leaders in order for them to become great shepherds. That is the reason there is a process of capacitation and learning. Most of the time this process happens as they are already leading a congregation or serving in a Assistant or Associate Pastor role. Nonetheless, it is beneficial not just for the congregation, but also for the candidate itself to be part of such process.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be working in the initial stages with these individuals in their education process. Join me in prayer for each of them as they separate time from their multiple responsibilities in order to get equipped for the work of ministry. Each individual is in a different stage in the process and with that we also have different personalities, styles of leadership, and theological views. I also ask for prayers as we move forward with the development of the Community Church Planting Initiative, the John Wesley Bible Institute, and the teaching process on the areas of worship and the Hebraic roots of the Church. THANK YOU!

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